Étui Editions is a Copenhagen-based publishing firm producing thoughtful and elegantly designed publications on architecture, photography, art and fashion. 

At Étui Editions, we are driven by a deep appreciation of the printed medium. We believe that print is a rich, multisensory experience, wherein everything from material and layout to sequencing plays an equally essential role. We strive to craft indelible, haptic experiences through visual and written storytelling—immersive narratives that appeal to the eyes and the hands.

Étui is the collaborative product of our artistic sensibilities, drawing upon our backgrounds in architecture, design and fashion. Guided by various historical and cultural references, our vision is to create elegant and timeless books which can be considered individual works of art—constructed to last and designed to be treasured for generations.

As a small, independent publisher, production quality is one of our highest priorities. We work with specialists whose savoir-faire and artisanship ensures the best quality paper, printing, and bookbinding throughout the entire print process. Each title has its own set of design parameters and production values, tailored towards the specific concept and artist. Moreover, each edition is made in smaller runs to avoid wasteful mass productions. 

Étui Editions
Lille Strandstræde 22, 1254 Copenhagen